Blauvelt’s Backcountry Show 3 – Park Life

Blauvelt's Backcountry Show 3 - Park Life

After having been on the last episode, riding incredible powder with Nicolas Müller; Jake is this time up to something different: Riding park. In Norway he meets up with a bunch of friends, spending typical Norwegian down-days at the house, playing Ping Pong, fishing, hanging around, but of course as well: Good Snowboarding. The guys ride a really nice jump and a big hip in Folgefonna together. Some cool sessions and a fun trip, which ends with a cool football game with Eero Ettala, Erik Botner, Ståle Sandbech, Matt Ladley, Gjermund Braaten, Mason Aguirre, Ethan Morgan, Jamie Nicholls, Kevin Backstrom and Terje Haakonsen.

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