BLV/NTHNG – Farewell Flowers FULL FILM

BLV/NTHNG - Farewell Flowers FULL FILM

One of the most interesting shredits we could enjoy in this past 2013 season certainly are Lukas Lerperger’s BLV/NTHING vids, that kept accompanying us throughout the year with their Parkchecks. After the In Good Faith flick (check back here to watch in full length), here comes now the 2nd full film called Farewell Flowers. Best Euro shredding by Sebi Müller, Gerald Fuchs, Florian Galler, David Struber, Florian Pötzl, Georg Ischepp, Georg Obermeissner, Simon Reichel, Dominik Wagner, Benny Urban, Marc Swoboda, Matic Zavodnik, Marc Salas, Steve Grumser, Lukas Lengle, Kas Lemmens, Michael Miethig, Alex Mosler, Daniel Rajcsanyi and Alex Tank.

..everything else, how these guys enjoy drinking their coffes, if rolling inside-out or normal way and what is coming up in this season at BLV/NTHNG in an interview soon here!



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