BQP in Finland 2013

BQP in Finland 2013

Spanish snowboarding is in plain development and progressing a lot lately, not only that you see more and more edits from there dropping, but also new crews, productions and magazines that care about their local snowboarding game. Bad Quality Productions a.k.a. BQP belongs to those who are more known among the Paella rippers, no wonder when having riders like the Polanco bros or Marc Salas for example. Now they’ve been on a trip to Finland to ripp some urban stuff over there and really pulled off a good edit of that including Fran Massageur, Jorge Polanco, Marc Salas, Juan Polanco and Jani Isaksson. Also check out please Spanish Paella (no bullshit..), which is the most recent production or crew there came out and of which we will enjoy plenty of new edits and people during this season. 

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