Brighta | „Blessing“ teaser

The crew describes themselves as a girls crew, who’s bonded to ride powder. „Brighta is like riding powder free love“. Well, that might be a girl’s thing, but no matter what, the teaser gives the impression of some well riding Japanese girls, who are organized to try to come around and progress their riding and maybe also their trips they do for their projects (even though that Japan has plenty of fresh pow in stock..). It’s a pure girls movie production and spent most of the season in Hokkaido for shooting. „Blessing“ is their 2011 film project, which will be released in this year’s summer and features riding by Tominaga Chiharu, Tominaga, Etsuko, Kawada Keiko, Nishinoiri Hiromi, Nakamura Yoko and Takizawa Chikako.

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