Brothers Factory – Jamais Vu: Teaser

Brothers Factory - Jamais Vu: Teaser

Tabarnac and Hungry were already pretty damn good flicks and focusing especially on Canuck Snowboarding’s offsprings you know that the Brothers Factory stuff is not to be underrated at all.Check out their brand new 2013 teaser fo the Jamais Vu project, which does not only look like but indeed is an allusion to Québec’s up coming Déjà Vu film (teaser here). Support your locals is spelled in CAPITAL letters in Québec and this is exactly why both productions will collaborate with their films, in order to support each other and show mutual love for the local Québecois snowboarding scene. Look out for the Jamais Vu film, that features best urban jibbing by Frank Bourgeois, Jason Dubois, Anto Chamberland, Zach Aller, Didier Godbout, Jeremy Cloutier, Guillaume Marquis and more.

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