Candy Grind – What Matters Teaser

Candy Grind – What Matters Teaser

There ain’t nothing better than a dope-ass local grassroot brands. If they even succeed on building up a solid team to repp their stuff. Candy Grind from Colorado definitely seems to have gone that path and dropped their 2012 team movie teaser, called What Matters. Hard urban shit, with serious DJ cuts that make this teaser feel more rough. Curious on which of the spots they really clear in the end but no matter what, they enjoyed good times shooting together and that’s it (way too easy..). The full length flick  features a lot of Colorado locals that you should have heard at least once, or twice before  and bring best CO shredding on your screens with Ryan Cruze, Jeremy Thompson, Brady Farr, Yale Cousino, Cole Linzmeyer, Ian Smith, Jeff DeForge, Shane Hoschette, Andrew Yoder, Nate Cordero, Bryan Cordero, Vanessa Moore, Christy Prior, Chris Chance, Emily Blewitt, Mitch Kirby, Justin Henigin, Paul Buck, Joey Peterson, Joey Dryer, Steve Lauder, Ben Wachowiak, Robby Meehan and Tyler Anderson. #DIGG IT



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