Cheryl Maas „Open Air“ | Series Trailer

Cheryl Maas "Open Air" | Series Trailer

Cheryl Maas is definitely one of the big names, in female snowboarding. The Dutch pro and Volcom/Nitro team rider has been followed for the past six months by her filmer John Roderick, in order to collect some footage for her signature video project.  From September 5th, Cheryl will launch five short films and show you, what she’s been up to the last time: On and off the contests. The „Open Air“ video series by Cheryl is an important step for female snowboarding, claiming a bit more acknowledgment and respect for the ladies, what they deserve, looking back on the past TTR seasons and trick level. Watch here the „Open Air“ trailer to get an idea of what Cheryl has been up to in the last months.

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