DC Shoes – ‚Must be Nice‘ Teaser

DC Shoes – ‘Must be Nice’ Teaser

Finally we’re also getting -now that summer is almost over- to see the teasers of the major productions and so it is with the guys from DC Shoes. Check out the teaser of their 2012 movie called Must be Nice, which clearly states out to be one pumping snowboard flick. Must be Nice is also the first snowboard team movie coming out by DC, since the infamous Mtn. Lab 1.5 from back in 2008. Enjoy pure radness on metal, from the backcountry and in any possible dimension by Devun Walsh, Torstein Horgmo, Iikka Backstrom, Lauri Heiskari, Aaron Biittner, Ryan Tiene and Anto Chamberland.

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