Dialogue/ VegHead Productions | Neck of the Woods teaser

Dialogue and VegHead Productions teamed up for this season and will be dropping a joint motion flick, same as PeachHat and FootyFiend are doing. After having seen „Spill the Beans“, the „greenthumbs“ come back with the „Neck of the Woods“, which sounds pretty fun and sketchy. Same as the teaser, which looks quite promising and shows the dudes smashing toilets and jibbing pretty hard. We’re definitely looking forward to watch the film in full length in fall, which includes riding by Brad Hesson, Brady Swartz, Chris Fellner, Ian Burdett, Jesse Greer, Mark Goodall, Matt Bujok, Sean Grabowski, Zach Moorcroft & Friends. For the rest of the 2011 film teasers, check our teaser section. Have fun.

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