Diaries Downunder Episode #2 – Canterburry Clubbies

Diaries Downunder Episode #2 – Canterburry Clubbies

Sometimes it looks like the web series from down under arranged things that way, that they release their new webisodes in the same week always. Diaries Downunder however, is based in New Zealand as you know. After last episode’s kick off for the series, the guys take a couple of rides with Australian ripper Dane Tiene, who flies to Christchurch from Sydney. The crew heads to the city centre to check out some local sides, before testing the „Kiwi classic Nutcracker Ropetow“ and staying up at Mt. Olympus club field, where the boys find some of Canterbury’s finest shreddable terrain. Who said that NZ would be all about parks ’n slopes only, hu? Ben Comber, Stef Zeestraten and Nick Hyne show Dane exactly why Olympus and the Canterbury region has gained such a fine reputation and it is definitely not because of their snow park or anything. Enjoy the second episode of this Kiwi web series and check back soon for more episodes to drop.

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