Different Direction – #01 Pizza Urbana

Different Direction – #01 Pizza Urbana

As announced already in our interview with Montafon local and RIDE ripper Sebi Geiger (read it here) we are proud to present the very first episode of the 2nd season of his Different Direction web series, that will spread along the season over 6 episodes, and feature a new guest rider each. For this first installment things needed to start getting rolling with the first snow, so Sebi and guest rider Simon Pircher were depending on some luck for it to be able to shoot something. In a little town in Italy the guys were lucky enough and tracked some street spots and nice obstacles to destroy, before they continued going back to Innsbruck to celebrate Sebi’s birthday. This is what came out ..remember where you got it first and get stoked! No biggie, no smalls ..haha.

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