DVP’s Shadows – FULL MOVIE

DVP's Shadows - FULL MOVIE

One country in particular has been making quite some noise in the last seasons and that will be Italy. New crews that popped up on the web out of nowhere and productions and brands that built up teams with big names, real potential up and comers and international solid relations. One of them would be the guys over at Different Vision Productions a.k.a. DVP who just released their 2013 movie called Shadows. Former Garbage frontman Marco „Jhonny“ Morandi hopped on and took care of all the filming and editing. Check out and enjoy another refreshing full length snowboard flick on this bitch ass Monday and get hyped of the riding by Tato Chiala, Nejc Ferjan, Ziga Racovek, Nicolo‘ Pezzato, Gianmarco Maiocco, Federico Iovanovich, Jakub Szaradek, Devid de Palma, Achille Mauri, Nejc Pucko and Tomasso Lanza.

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