DZ:MA Ep.1 „Alphabet Aerobics“

DZ:MA Ep.1 “Alphabet Aerobics”

The infamous Dangerzone by Nick Visconti is back and „for mature audiences only“ as the description says (whatever is meant by that..). If you were paying attention lately, you know that Nick moved to Seattle now after ripping all these handrails around Tahoe, what doesn’t necessarily  mean that he wouldn’t jib anymore, but it should be fun watching this dude chasing fresh powder in this season. In this new 4th season of the Dangerzone however, Nick goes back for what you know the Truckee local for and rips all sorts of features and metal together with Scott Vine, Nial Romanek, Erik Leon  and  Brent Oftedal in „Alphabet Aerobics“.


give us your shit.

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