Ero One Films 2011 | La Cassette

We have already told you a bit, about the Ero One crew, a couple of weeks ago. Ero One Films‘ new upcoming movie sounds as oldschool as in any way possible and the teaser  doesn’t tell much …aaargh. Anyways ..we hope to see more of the Ero One crew on the long run and are excited to see „la cassette“ soon, which includes Florent Marot, Vince Pages, Chris Cunningham, Maiko Nicolet, Julien Rochette, Matt Schaer, Sam Schaer, Fefe Pellacani, Dim Biau, Antoine Baduel, Max Delayen, Tim Cachot, Joel Strecker, Dan Premand, Jani Sorasalmi, Thomas Sarrameda, Loris Kislig, Julien Haricot, Mike Stahlberg, Santtu Sander, Jon Vital, Julien Roserens.

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