Ethan vs. Mario Teaser

Ethan vs. Mario Teaser

These two pros/homies Ethan Morgan and Mario Käppelli just dropped this teaser and a fanpage for their Ethan vs. Mario thing for now. Long story short, it’s just about what you know these dudes for and what the title let’s expect: Party bloopers, random bullshit, maybe even snowboarding? The two will battle things out on any bullshit that comes to their minds, while travelling the world for snowboarding and enjoying their good-ass times with their pro friends and get wasted. Imagine to get sort of an uncensored (cause it’s 16/ 18 plus and has got real shit for you waiting..) MTV (but much better obviously) show with these two pros that don’t miss any party, ripp hard and just wanna have some mad fun, no matter how big the losses are in the end, mixed up with kind of „I bet you will“ style, for your WTF-dose. Website drops on November 25th now (this upcoming Saturday). Until then you’re screwed and have to wait.

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