FODT x MFM | „Familia 2“ teaser

FODT and MFM are back! The dudes throw out their teaser for the Familia 2 flick of this season. Knowing these dudes we can be calmed, relaxed and 110% sure to get the overdose of „fuck, yeah!, when it comes up to hard urban stuff and creative spots. From the streets of Monteal, to earthquakes in Japan  and more, the guys have been moving a lot for this film. Starring in the „Familia 2“ are Lucas Magoon, Dylan Thompson, Marc Frank Montoya, Andrew Brewer, Jake Devine, Johnnie Paxson, Derek Dennison, Jonah Owen and more. Anyone missing? Fuck yeah …what’s up with Bradshaw? (cheers to Mustachio for noticing..)

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