Frank April on NOW

Frank April on NOW

25-year old Québec local urban ripper Frank April got on the team of Wildcat legend’s own snowboard binding company by JF Pelchat,  Now Bindings. A rail kid for Now is definitely something complete new to the team and will for sure e able to give great feedback on these outstanding bindings and blow some fresh wind in there constantly. 

„Hands down the best binding i have ever ridden, so comfortable and precise“ Frank had to say on the Now Bindings. 

„I am very stoked to have Frank join the team and push the street scene with our NOW bindings. He is an amazing snowboarder and an awesome person.  Frank adds creativity and uniqueness to our pro team and we are very excited to have him rock our bindings.  Welcome Frank and have an amazing winter. „ JF Pelchat says, founder of NOW.

Only one more thing left to say: Congrats man!

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