Fronius‘ FULL PART – Working for The City

Justin Fronius doesn’t only try on spitting feestyle lines, but also on any urban spot to jib. Watch Ashbury’s young gun full part of Working For The City, which also features Blake Rhodes-Reid, Tristan Sadler, Jordan Daniels, Kyle Fischer, Colby Richards, Colin O’Fag, Connor Southard, Kent Leng, Ian Dodds, Richie Conklin, Pat Garvin, Colton Morgan, Justin Keniston, Desiree Melancon, Matty Mo, Durell Williams, Josh Bishop, Maxwell Carl Scott, Austin Leonard, Headwrap, Torrey Lyons, Jordan Emerson, Jordan Michilot, Aidan Flanagan, Billy Mackey, Luke Hepler, Cody B, Brandon Larson, Jonas and Danimals! FOR THE FULL LENGTH MOVIE, GO HERE.

| Jon Stark |


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