get your Lobster board AND a part in Sexual Snowboarding!

win Halldør's Lobster board!

When „reading“ the Helgason blog, it reminds you a bit of all sort of web entertainment you can get at once. Going from typical fail-vids, over to random shots and snowboarding of course. By doing so, the two brothers keep feeding the web frequently and always giving us new input for laughs and „wows“. This time, Eiki and Halldør thought that it would be boring if there would be just pros and shred buddies of them in their new film „Sexual Snowboarding“, so they give YOU the chance to get a full part in it! How sick is that, come on! All you have to do, is send your part to Watch the clip below, to get an idea what the two are expecting.

Not enough? Well, you can also win Halldør’s Lobster board, before their new boards will be in stores next season and definitely not going to be for free. To win the board, all you got to do is posting your most random pic on the Lobster Fanpage. The pic with the most „likes“, wins! What are you waiting for?

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