Hash Heaven Films – Alpha Omega FULL FILM

Hash Heaven Films - Alpha Omega FULL FILM

Siberian snowboarding in full length. If you’re not familiar with the guys of Hash Heaven Films and Joint Snowboards ..well, YOU SHOULD! After a bunch of web edits based on a same-titled webisode sort of thing, the guys already gave us a few glimpses of what we could expect in the full length film throughout the season. Now they’ve dropped that thing, so enjoy that Alpha Omega film now and get stoked out in the next 37min. by Nikolay Grinev, Stepan Artemev, Alexey Batmanov, Viktor Teimurov, Artem Teimurov, Ilya Verxotyrov, Slava Abramov, Sergey Zuzuk, Tolya Ivanov, Sasha Xomushky and friends!

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