Hash Heaven Films | „Sponsor This“ teaser

In this season we have seen more Japanese and East-Euro crews poppin‘ out of nowhere, than ever before! Even though it is  bit late, cause most films are close to release even, here goes another new film teaser. These Russian shredders definitely proof with their „Sponsor This“ teaser, that they got mad skills on urban jibs, as well as in pow ..so in case that there’s anybody in the position to do so: Watch it and sponsor these dudes! For everyone else: Enjoy watching the teaser and keep on working hard on your own! „Sponsor This“ will be released in this year’s fall and includes riding by Nikolay Grinev, Alexey Osovickiy, Stepan Artemev, Alexey Batmanov, Ilya Verxotyrov and Artem Pitchxadze.

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