Hate Hard’s „The Local“ teaser

Hate Hard is a quite unknown crew yet. What makes these dudes special, is that they’re not only having skills on urban shreds, but their homecountry too! Hate Hard comes from Lithuania, yeah right ..Lithuania. We’ve mentioned it before a few times and only can repeat that: In these past few seasons are more crews coming out than we don’t know what and especially from Eastern spots, like Japan, Russia, Poland, whatever ! Hate Hard’s 2011 film „The Local“ features Augustas Zakarevicius, Arturas Volkavicius, Aivaras Dambrauskas, Sarunas Dambrauskas, Marius Urbonavicius, Paulius Morkunas, Gytis Morkunas and is edited by  Karolis Zaleckas. Check out their fanpage and show some support for these dudes!

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