Head West Productions | „So Lame“ teaser

It’s always interesting to see, what comes up next from the Midwest, due to their huge potential in snowboarding and the urban crews they got there. Head West Productions, is from South Dakota and dropped their first film teaser „So Lame“ recently. The flick will be released on DVD in September this year and features parts by Alex Lockwood, Alex Hammerstrom, Andy Glader, Dan Amundson, Dan Nix, Derick Lang, Ethan Olson, James Bechina, Matt Hiemstra, Mikey Roynesdal, Nate Veatch, Tanner Jones, Terril Van Hemert, Zach Nix and friends. Check it out! For the rest of this year’s upcoming snowboard flicks, go to our teaser section.

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