Hywod Crew – Synchronicity TEASER

Hywod Crew - Synchronicity TEASER

From the Far East new crews keep popping out since a few years now and the Hywod collective doesn’t look bad at all with their Synchronicity teaser here. Urban, backcountry and kickers, so the entire flick will be pretty complete as it looks like and the guys seem to be knowing what they do in terms of jumps and style. Solid teaser.

Riders featured: Kazushige Fujita, Yoh Tanaka, Keiji Okamoto, Takumi Hirata, Yuya Akada, Shinya Mizobata, Maoto Yokota, Manabu Koike, Sho Sakanishi, Kotaro Kamimura, Yuki Kadono and Tatsuki Inamura.

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