#IP 2 – Bjorn Leines FULL PART

#IP 2 – Bjorn Leines FULL PART

Bjorn Leines is one of the sickest allround headz in snowboarding and is giving proof for that since old-ass epic Forum 8 days from back then. Send the dude wherever you want, he will deliver some banging footage for you, that’s for sure. Just as he’s doing here for Volcom’s IP2 project, which is one of the gnarliest parts dropped form this so far. Actually things seem to be gotten a bit wrong at Volcom’s since today Curtis Ciszek’s part was scheduled to get out and Bjorn’s on December 17th, but being like that now, we suppose Curtis and Bjorn switched and things will stay the same with the last double part with snowboarding icons Bryan Iguchi and Jamie Lynn on New Year’s Eve.

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