Jake Blauvelt | 2011 full part

Jake is nuts. We’ve seen him in this season with his own webisode, the Jake’s Naturally, which was nuts. Then he threw out his own TV show with Friday Productions, riding Chile, Whistler with Terje or Nico Müller. Then he’s got a part in „The Art of Flight“ this year and in Videograss‘ Retrospect and all this footy will lead you to one conclusion: Jake is a complete new typ of a backcountry rider, bringin huge skills and responsibility at the same time and emphasizing it a lot. He rides with living legends and icons like Terje or Nico as we said, but belongs still though to a younger generation of backcountry riders, who stand alone between all these jib and park jump trends, snowboarding s going through right now. This is his 2011 video part, which is base mostly on the Naturally webisode footage and if you look closely on his board in this edit, you notice that there has been a slight change, we already told you about recently. A Trefoil icon!

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