JKD – Pain In Spain TEASER

JKD - Pain In Spain TEASER

The Jib Kung Do a.k.a. JKD collective, is one of a very few crews we’re aware of from Spain and that started getting a bit more and more attention of Snowboarding’s Euro web since a year now. This is their Pain in Spain teaser, of which you’ll be able to watch the full 1st part on October 14th soon. The best thing about it: The riding is way much more better than expected and really looks damn promising, considering that the Spanish scene is pretty small and still in it’s baby shoes in a way. Look forward to wild Spanish shreds by Fran Massager, Lorenzo Ruiz, Roberto Menacho a.k.a. „Pepino“, Matias Ian, Fer Natalucci, Pepe Sanchez and Marc Salas.

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