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John Jackson | Forum's Fuck it

John Jackson is one of the most natural and funniest big mountain shredders we have seen in the past seasons. He has got mad skills and is always straight with everyone around him. Well known for his trees („-bonks“ of course..), he might been put often in a box, but according to his last film with Forum he says: Fuck it! And so do we. He got in this season’s „film of the year“, the big ender part, which you can see now in full length. Don’t worry about some time travelling, Las Vegas-70s issues, when watching his part, simply be stoked of that way of riding. No surprise that John will be also seen in this year’s dropping „The Art of Flight“, next to Travis Rice, Jeremy Jones, Nicolas Müller and others. If you have no idea, who John is, please check pleasuremag issue # 91, the cover shot and the interview.

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