Joralulu – Casual __a season recap.

Joralulu - Casual __a season recap.

Vorarlberg, Western Austria is the place where the Juralulu crew is from. To be more precise from Montafon. „Juralulu“ on a first time hearing, sounds way more like a foolish kids‘ TV show starring some Barney mascot or some Sesame Street characters, but what actually is behind this, is a local crew of shred homies including Sebi Geiger, Christian Geiger, Joris Doorn, Raphi Hagen, Lea Baumschlager, Fabian Sandholzer, Franz Hoellen, Markus Summer, Luzian Burgstaller and Lukas Ellensohn, who simply enjoy good times shredding together. This here is a short flick that recaps their past 2013 season and shows why you sometimes just have to fool around a bit instead of taking your time on snow too serious. Check out Casual.

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Joralulu – Casual __a season recap.