KAI Entertainment – What’s Golden? Teaser

KAI Entertainment – What’s Golden? Teaser

What’s Golden? is in our eyes the first reallly well edited teaser, being under the Champion Visions label and is brought to you by KAI Entertainment, what throws the teaser back in this bring it to the most wide masses by any means possible-way of doing a snowboard movie. Besides that it’s a combo ski-snowboard flick, but thank god the dudes made a teaser for every side. The teaser features solid riding from the far East, ripping things up in the urban street scene in Japan and not screwing around really with anything. These dudes press the shit over steep-ass kinks, take nice sprays in the backcountry and also send it on the slopes, so check it out and watch out for this full length feature to come out in this year’s fall, including legit riding by Yoshiaki Akamae, Satoshi Koita, Minoru Tanaka, Ryu Nonogaki, Yusuke Sengoku, Motoki Takahashi, Nobuhiko Tamaki, Daisuke Ito, Toshihiro Murase, Shinya Abe, Tsubasa Tanimura, Shota Ishizaki, Suguru Osawa, Hidemitsu Okada and Shinnosuke Mima.

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