Karkonosze in Poland – Chieftain’s Good, but he’s a Robber

Karkonosze in Poland - Chieftain's Good, but he's a Robber

Polish K2 rider Marcin Jaskólka is shooting with Dzida Productions for his Karkonosze in Poland web series (Karkonosze is a mountain chain between Czech Republic and Poland..) and dropped this latest Splitboard webisode of his called Chieftain’s Good, but he’s a Robber. >No matter what the title might sound like or not, it is rad to see Splitboarding and overall Freeriding coming back on the web and people throwing out edits of it.

„Sticking your head out of the tent in the morning gives you a feeling something bad is approaching you at a speed of light. In a moment you realize it happens to be only a fog, so you immediately fasten your board. The next beautiful day in mountains is about to happen. Splitboarding, camping and a good mood! Karkonosze are awesome, it is hard to find cliff drops here, but you will get a blend of deep powder turns, tree runs and a huge smile on your face after all day run.“

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