Kartoffelpack – TRAILER

Kartoffelpack - TRAILER

The terms we use today to describe a collective, a team or a crew differ from platform to platform, country and what every single person again thinks to know better for what ever reason. The guys around Ilja Kunz, Philipp Scherzinger, Robert Wildenmann, Luis Schumacher, Benedikt Baur, Simon Dörrer and Fabi Schmitt thought about messing things up even a little bit more and call themselves a pack. To be more precise: Kartoffelpack, what translated to English means pack of potato and would be taken here in Euroland more as sort of a joke to refer to Germans. The Kartoffelpack however comes from Germany and Austria and sent us their film debut trailer, that will premiere in this year’s December soon (FB-event for all info here). The music reminds us a little bit of some 80’s Detective Tv Show or something and their riding is more than solid, so we’re totally looking forward to see the full flick soon and you should too!

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