La Casette – part 6+7

Ero One threw out some more parts of their „La Casette“ movie. Part 6 includes the friends part, featuring Pierre Rué, Tuomas Alapieti, Loris Kislig, Zach Aller, Fred Lacroix, Max Verville & Mike Stahlberg. In part #7 you get to see Vince Pages‘ full part. As you’ve seen on the Snowboardgarden Fest visit by Ero One, these Switzer dudes definitely know how to party and are also quite all rounded up with their board sport skills ..skating, wake skating ..everything! More rad Ero One footy in one post impossible. ENJOY!

\\ part #6 – FRIENDS

\\ part #7 – Vince Pages

\\ premiere tour – partying, shredding, having good times

| Ero One |


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