maddoc – Another World TRAILER

maddoc - Another World TRAILER

Another brand new Japanese posse that stumbled on our radar.  Tomohiro Fujii is the name behind this Japanese production called maddoc. Another World seems to be featuring a bit of everything what these heads experienced throughout this past season talking contests, backcountry and more. The lineup wether it is a Japanese production or not, is till though pretty international when looking on the list, featuring big names from Euroland, the States and local riders as well: Masuda Ruiki, Biyajima Shin, Kiyohara Yuta, Takahashi Reo, Takai Ryuji, Yoshino Yatto, Kadono Yuki, Fujita Kazuumi, Takeuchi Masanori, Toyoda Mitsugu, Antti Autti, Saku Tiilikainen, Dylan Thompson, Nick Pooch and Kabeta Ryuichi.

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