Mark McMorris | BS Triple Cork 1440

Mark McMorris | BS Triple Cork 1440

It could be read already on certain tweets and posts -it was done: The first ever landed BS Triple Cork 1440, sticked by Mark McMcMorris. Transworld Snowboarding announced it already last Friday ago, that the video would be online this Monday and tortured us all untill then. Mark and friends were sessioning Snomass in Colorado when stomping that insane new trick. The just 17-year old Billabong Air & Style winner from Canada said on a Transworld interview, that he has been thinking about that trick since Torstein Horgmo was the very first one to triple cork at all. He went from late backside ten doubles and wondered, why not going a little bit further and holding on, on the grab? After two easy slams, Mark stomped the first BS Triple Cork 14 on 3rd try. See the video of that Snowmass session here and get stoked!

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