Mike Basisch „Off The Grid“ – Episode 1

Nowadays there are two trends in snowboarding going around. One is the riders, who just get out there shooting every single jib they can find, partially also hitting the backcountry for some nice pow, but in the end still focusing on jibs and getting as much footy as possible on the web, to bring their career on. And there are the „older“ ones. The ones, who already have seen it all or know what it’s like to travel the world, heading from contest to contest or be just out there filming 250 days a year, but now got to the point where they just want to shred deep ass powder, going more back to the roots of snowboarding with an eco-friendly attitude and not wanting to be pushed by some big name brands, who tell you what you got to do or not. Mike Basisch belongs to the last one.

Mikey has set up on his own a damn nice crib on 7’000 feet on Lake Tahoe and can easily step out his crib with his snow boots on and has got the perfect playground in front of his door. Some solar power panels, a hot tub for the ladies to go up there to join Mikey some times ..just one thing missing – a rope tow! Enjoy the first episode of Mike Masisch, being off the grid and stay tuned for more on your fav snowboarding webzine!

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