Nike Snowpark Montafon, Austria

Nike Snowpark Montafon, Austria

After this mass of rumors that we had on this issue now since the Nike Chosen Final event went down earlier this year, we finally got it officially now: The Montafon resort in Austria will host for the first time ever a Nike Snowpark during an entire season. What we followed with open mouths and stunned looks on our screens when seeing this beast for the first time, will become now reality for the Austrian public and everyone else who stops by at Montafon. The Novapark that gave the locals over the last years a place to work on their park skills is now taken over by the Swoosh and a massive park that includes over 40 obstacles for every riding level!

Boxes and  jumps in all sizes and  rails ’n walls until you’re done. A shaping staff of 8 shapers will take care that the park will be in perfect conditions day by day, so that you’re even able to get up to 18 (!!) hits in a line, thanks to this mass of park features you find there, which you can overview perfectly when taking the Fredakopf chairlift, that takes you all the way up over the park.

Nike Snowpark Montafon, Austria Ethan Morgan shot stairset

Ethan Morgan couldn’t be missing at this year’s Final Chosen event and didn’t lose the chance to hit this next level park of course. Guess Ethan show up more often now, that he even can come by without having to work really. Ethan Morgan over the stairset | photo by : James Bryant

Opening day will be in 2 weeks time, Saturday December 15th, with the Nike Stairset Session on which you can hit all various down rails, including a double kinked rail and a high down pipe, although there will be plenty of other obstacles built and ready to ride too of course. 

\\ Nike Snowpark Montafon Event Calendar:

  • 2012 December 15th ::: Nike Stairset Session
  • 2013 January 12th ::: Sajas Park Games / Wir Schanzen
  • 2013 February 9th ::: Nike The Rock Session
  • 2013 February 24th ::: Sprungbrett with Nicola Thost
  • 2013 March 9th ::: Shred Champs / Chill & Destroy
  • 2013 March 15th-17th ::: Montafon Freeride

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