Nitro’s Hyped! One Run – Eero Ettala

Nitro's Hyped! ONE RUN: Eero Ettala

The Helgasons ain’t the only ones anymore to give you the chance of winning a part in their movie, no. Nitro’s 2012 team movie Hyped!, is also seeking for some rad guest starring of yours of course. What they want to see is normal riding like you people just do. No wild double neck breakers or anything. Just you as you are and like to ride really normally, giving you also the chance to showcase your creativity and style.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just park, backcountry powder or pipe runs. The important thing is that this type of riding is what makes you want to snowboard. Submit your edit and take the chance to be in the Nitro movie. The team riders (Eero Ettala, Jon Kooley, Austin Smith, Bryan Fox, Justin Bennee, Markus Keller, Gjermund Braaten, ..etc.) will pick out the top three runs they think are the most inspiring, creative and showcase the persons true passion for snowboarding.

Besides that all of the Nitro dudes will go out and film an ONE RUN of their favorite type of boarding and will be releasing once every week.

1st place will have a guest appearance in the Nitro Hyped! video + Nitro Limited edition HYPED! Snowboard + Hyped! gear

2nd place will win a free Nitro snowboard + Hyped! gear

3rd place will win a free pair of Raiden bindings + Hyped! gear

The Audience Award: Get your friends to comment on your video on the Nitro Facebook Page and spread the link to show your friends how much fun you have while snowboarding.

We will release more ONE RUN contest information next week, but for now just go out and film your own ONE RUN. Make sure it is in a high quality format and remember to have a good time while doing it. That is what it is all about!

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