Nitro’s ONE RUN – Knut Eliassen

Nitro’s ONE RUN – Knut Eliassen

As said: For an American-Scandi rider from the Midwest, this one actually looks too easy, but sending it hard is not what the ONE RUNs should be about. American/Norwegian pro from Minnesota Knut Eliassen, is actually now the second time dropping us a ONE RUN edit, for Nitro’s upcoming Hyped! team movie. Check Knut out on a nice and easy lap through Park City and remember your edit.

Hopefully you guys did remember what all this ONE RUN hype was all about. On one hand definitely to tease their team movie of course, yeah ..but on the other one also to encourage you lazy folks out there to send them in your personal one run edit, simply showing your personal steeze and favorite way of riding, in order to win a full guest feature in their team movie. No 450 offs, no triplers ..just your personal way, how you enjoy snowboarding.

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