This is snowboarding ..hell, yeah! Normal dudes who simply enjoy the shred and work on their skills wether we’re talking about actual riding or skills behind the camera. NONAMED is a dope-ass short flick coming from Austria by Michael Haunschmidt. The 18-year old simply enjoys snowboarding, same as his younger brother and all the homies. With no intention to actually bring out any feature at all, Michael gathered together the shots they had from this season and made one rad short movie of it that has it all really. No focus on one particular thing only and most important for us, since there is more urban and metal shredits flooding the web in these days (no offense, but that’s a fact) : Good, big and clean steezed jumps you’ll ge to see here. Make sure to hit full screen before watching, cause Michael did an awesome job here and we’re stoked by his passion for this little project here, while others out there throw out teasers and full length flicks and everything, but can’t even handle a tripod. Enjoy 14 minutes of your time of really cool and non-faked steezy snowboarding dropping from Austria, including riding by Robert Wallner, Manuel Lindmoser, Alois Lindmoser, Florian Galler, Laurenz Haunschmidt, Kevin Scherübl, Georgi Mihaylov, Roli Scharmer, Peter Walchhofer, Clemens Millauer, Tobias Michel, Felix Wild, Christoph Schaidreiter, André Höflich, Roland Hörtnagl and Arnold van Gimborn.

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