P-Can Factory – Ikenocity 3 Teaser

P-Can Factory – Ikenocity 3 Teaser

Another Champion Visions labeled movie project to come out this year ..hmmm. We’re not quite sure yet but this whole Champions Visions thing looks so ‚mass-production‚ like that we seriously doubt on any realness here, but on the other hand it might just be the easiest way for Asian snowboarders to get to a bigger audience or something. Anyways, this here is the Ikenocity 3 teaser by the P-Can Factory, which we never heard of before to be honest. Their riding doesn’t look bad at all, clean style and nice trick range these dudes seem to have when watching the teaser, but that doesn’t change the fact that someone should really give these dudes a hand on editing their footage if you ask us.

Riders featured: Akiko Miwa, Asami Hirano, Ai Kodama, Kazumasa Hiraide, Keiji Okamoto, K-Suke, Gooki, Shinya Mizobata, TakatoTaniguchi, Masato Ohsaki, Kousuke Hori, Nobuo Otake , Choco Vanilla Ball Arai, Eisuke Sugiura, Syunta Akazawa, Yasuaki Yoshida „Casshern“, Masakazu Hirose, Fumika Hoshino, Maiko Mizuta, Yuki Kadono, Yuma Ogawa and Reo Takahashi.


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