Pirates – Distorted Reality REVIEWED!

Pirates - Distorted Reality REVIEWED!

Among all the free online films that we enjoy on the web, we remarked that we lost some focus on the established major productions, that still kill it with their films season by season. One of the eldest and also most important ones from our point of view are the Pirates. Standing out each year with a proper concept for their films, same as a rider lineup that seeks its own kind, the Pirate Movie Production stood foremost out for filming on classy 16mm. Last year’s Unique 8 film, was the first one to bring that era to an end and the Pirates started filming with RED cams. This year’s project Distorted Reality is the 2nd film shot with RED cams, but that doesn’t steal any bit of the film’s quality of course (don’t be stupid). The issue is if you shoot with RED cams, that obviously the cost of production increases and that might have also been one of the principal reasons, why the rider’s lineup got cut down pretty rough since the last 16mm flick, Bottom Line. We just watched ’n re-watched the Distorted Reality film and had a closer look on

Concerning the riding of the Pirates, everybody is aware that you obviously get more backcountry shots than anything else, but also that tendency vanished a little bit, since the Pirates are always looking for up and comers that rip and fit their image and provide good snowboarding. The urban vibes were foremost carried on by characters like Kalle Ohlsen for example, who stands up for the streets in their films and that’s not any different in this year’s film.

Pirates - Distorted Reality REVIEWED!

If you compare the lineup to last year you notice, that half of these riders have been replaced or rather more were involved in other projects this season and new ones were needed. New faces in this film are Fredrik Evensen, Sami Luhtanen, Niels Schack and Martin Kalijola. Fredrik Evensen is well known for former parts in Isenseven, but also for the Hypermountain edits with his Mushroom Crew. Sami and Niels on the other hand might be a little bit new to you. Sami is a KBR head from Finland and so most certainly sticks to the streets as you can imagine, same as his 2nd half of their shared part Niels, who could be seen before with the French Ero One crew (R.I.P.). Also Martin Kalijola is a KBR rider and Helsinki local from Finland, who unfortunately didn’t have enough proper shots to get a full part in this year’s Pirate film and so just gained a few ones for the film’s outro, but is getting much Pirate support as he’s one of Finland’s up and coming rail reapers (check out his other full 2013 online part right here and you know what I mean). Overall we have 3 shared parts and 3 single full parts. Opener goes to Gigi Rüf slaying the backcountry, hitting tree and pillow lines and pouring water with his space ship on other planets. Sami Luthanen and Niels Schack share a solid street part, while Fredrik Evensen and Elias Elhardt stand up for the pow of course, same as Marco „Fitchtl“ Feichtner in a tag team with Werni Stock. The Austrian ripper is also the only one in this year’s Pirate movie, who brings some park riding to the screen, but of course doesn’t hold back in the backcountry next to Fichtl. After 2 shared parts, finally there comes Kalle Ohlson with spots that you already know from his former parts on one hand, but also some new ones you didn’t really see before. Last one to stoke you out and from our point of view also THE part of this year’s Pirate film is Elias Elhardt …again. Again? Yeah, he shared a part before with Fredrik Evensen, but also got the ender and when watching it, you might agree with us and say: Well deserved!

Pirates - Distorted Reality REVIEWED!

Overall is this year’s Pirate film only a little bit (6min.) shorter than the last one and comes with the same amount of riders (who actually ride -otherwise it would be 9 with Martin Kalijola). The majority of the songs tempt to be indie music we’d say, besides of Elias‘ part that features more electro vibes, what also gives his part a little bit more power than the other ones. Backcountry obviously overweights the rest of the this film’s snowboarding, but also the streets bring 3 of 8 parts to the screen.

Talking concepts, the Pirates stick again to their thing and carry on their Distorted Reality concept throughout the parts, so you don’t have always the impression to just watch numb parts by parts and tricks by tricks, but we’d really enjoy watching more concept ideas being carried on in snowboard films in general and also stronger than in this year’s Pirate film, since it gives a snowboard movie a different and more entertaining and fun character. Distorted Reality was shot in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Japan and Alaska and comes with a rad art book as you’re used to it, designed by Tobias „Ludschi“ Ludescher, featuring all sorts of graphics, shots and other art pieces that are totally worth the watch!

..if you got wet already and can’t wait for the delivery, go over to iTunes to get your diggy copy on the fly, otherwise head over to the Pirates‘ site or your local shop to get that hard copy with the art book!

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