Random Bastards „INTE9RALES“ – Skateboardfilm Teaser

Random Bastards "INTE9RALES" - Skateboardfilm Teaser

As you know there ain’t shit we don’t digg of the Random Bastards and so we do with this little skate flick of theirs, they will premiere on this Saturday in UmeåINTE9RALES is that skate film called, which they shot completely as it looks like while travelling via Interrail through Spain somewhen. Dope skate shit by Fredrik Warell, Igor Feklistoff, Kalle Eriksson, Lars Eriksson, Kristyan Patrick Nicholson, Jamil Danielsson, Erk, Hampus Nebaeus, Lars Jonsson, Anton Sundquist, Casper Munkholm, Alex Greemann, Simon Axelsson and Vänner.

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