Scandalnavians – Part I

Scandalnavians - Part I

One of the hardest and most promising films of this season certainly will be or is the Scandalnavians flick that basically features the best Scandi shred heads you could think of. A behind the scenes, plus some extra b-footy featuring with some of their riders is what we’ve got after their teaser, of which all of them looked pretty damn sick. Now the wait is finally over and you’ll get the first part right here. Considering that this one here already takes over 17min. , you can expect a pretty long full length version when getting out that is packed with radness. Part one comes in color and hard ass snowboarding by Anton Bilare, Ludde Lejkner, Sven Thorgren, Viktor Wiberg, Erik Botner, Philip Grund, Kevin Bäckström and Klas Beye. Part número dos will be out on November 25th now soon, so check back!

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