Shoulda‘ Danished – Operetta Episode #1: Bungee Crazy

Shoulda' Danished - Operetta Episode #1: Bungee Crazy

We already teased you for this with the trailer when it got out, so enjoy now the first full episode of Shoulda‘ Danished’s Operetta musical. A Snowboarding Musical?! Yeah, we know ..but the point actually is to provide laughters on a new concept that is pretty damn unique and plays out to be well made, combined with good shreds or just dumb entertainment with and by the Canadians of the Shoulda‘ Danished crew. Fun to watch. Check back for episode #2 when released.

„A helpless director finally lands his big break within the snowboard industry. Man power is pretty few and far between when it comes to using the dastardly bungee apparatus, so a team must be assembled. Witness the adversity and tension that piggybacks upon the entertainment brought to you by this wayward gang and their quest to create a snowboard musical.“

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