Spanish Paella 2013 FULL MOVIE

Spanish Paella 2013 FULL MOVIE

The new faces from Spain of the Spanish Paella popped out this year on our snowboard web and besides of surprising everybody with a nice riders‘ mixture going from legends to up and comers, they also provided solid footy so far, not talking next level tricks or anything, but solid and fun snowboarding enjoying good times with their homies and traveling through Europe. The result is one solid short flick, that doesn’t necessarily display WTF’s on your forehead straight, but certainly will get you hyped on going snowboarding again with your people as soon as the first heaps come down. The flick is well edited and we’re totally looking forward to a new season with more footage by Juan Polanco, Iker Fernandez, Ivan Alconada, David Lopez Mateos, Jani Isaksson, David Perez Chino, Pepe Sanchez, Matias Ian Miño, Jorge Polanco, Sergio „Yeyo“ Jimenez, Alvaro Valades, Curro Santander, Marc Salas and Fran Massaguer. Keep it pushing guys!

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