Standard’s TB 20 webisode – ep. #1+2

Standard Films wrote a lil‘ bit of history in this movie season by throwing out the 20th flick of the legendary Totally Board series. With the TB 20 film, the guys of Standard had of course a shit load of extra footage, which didn’t make it into the film. But why waste that, or let it die on hard disc, right? Check out the first two episodes right here.

First one is a perfect example how patient you must be sometimes, just to get a 5sec shot done for a film. If the ‚Mother‘ doesn’t want you, you’re damned. Ask Lonnie Kauk and Sammy Luebke. The second episode, features some sweet re-edited footy by the Norwegian beast Mads Jonsson. ENJOY.

\\ TB 20 episode #1 – ‚The Mother‘

\\ TB 20 episode #2 – ‚Mad’s Remix‘

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