The Art of Flight | interviewing Curt Morgan

After „That’s it, That’s all“, Brain Farm comes up together with Travis Rice again, doing their second 2-seasons project, which we all know already under the name of „The Art of Flight“. After having gotten already a quick glimpse of what we might expect, we’re all dying basically to watch this film finally. Our friends over at Buo Loco did recently an interview with Curt Morgan, who is THE MAN behind Brain Farm. Together with Curt, Buo Loco (who does a really sick job, interviewing all this rad people out there!) talks about the soundtrack of the new Brain Farm flick and the pressure you’re working under, when being on board of such a project. Check it out!

( case you shamefully haven’t seen the teaser of „The Art of Flight“ already, go check it out here, or in our teaser section!)

part I of the interview with Cut Morgan of Brain Farm, talking about the soundtrack of The Art of Flight..

..part II of the interview, talking about pressure, deadlines and the general work of The Art of Flight

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  1. MaX sagt:

    one of the best snowboard-movies i have ever seen. awesome pictures, the best riders in the world and a lot of action in great landscapes…and there is a special feeling when you watch it, which no other movie gives… and the music become the sound of the next winter! a complete playlist i`ve found at this site:

  2. Mike sagt:

    hell yeah, you’re right on this one! best snowboard movie ever ..for sure!
    but i thought that there might have been a lil‘ overload of slow-mo shots in this and that Xavier De Le Rue was missing in this incredibly sick (!) lineup of riders ..but no matter what you’re still right. CHEERS FOR THAT SOUNDTRACK-LIST!


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