Think Thank prep vids for Ransack Rebellion

Think Thank throws out prep edits for their 2011 flick Ransack Rebellion, which will be released in this year’s fall and features riding by Jesse Burtner, Matt Edgers, Sean Genovese, Pat Milbery, Nick Visconti, Tim Eddy, Mark Thompson, Jason Robinson, Andre Spinelli, Austen Granger, Chris Beresford, Austin Hironaka, Blair Habenicht, Chris Larson, Ben Bogart, Sam Hulbert, Ted Borland, Sean Black and Brendon Hupp. Sean Black and Jason Black are featured in these first two prep-edits, so watch’em and be stoked to watch 12 more to come until the full film gets released!

To watch the Ransack Rebellion film teaser go here!

Sean Black for „Ransack Rebellion“

Jason Robinson for „Ransack Rebellion“

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