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„It’s on, when it’s on!“ This time the WÄngl TÄngl started even one day earlier as expected. As you already know, the snowboard contest is a team thing. In the Gang Jam, in which teams of three compete, the riders put down their runs at once, as one team, having to perform totally fresstyle like. The setup consists, of the Vans Kicker Line, followed by the infamous Red Bull endsection, being each year a totally new shaped obstacle. On the WÄngl TÄngl it is less obejctive to win, but rather more having fun, enjoying a cool event including music acts,  miniramp skating, endless parties, awesome people and snowboarding. As Barry White says: „The trophy stays in the valley“. This year, (Ästhetiker) Team 69, with Steve Gruber, Rudi Kröll and Friedl Kolar could take their title back and won the Gang Jam. Check the video here to get an idea, of what the WÄngl TÄngl is all about.

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